13. Acknowledgements


The CDS antibiotic susceptibility test has been developed over a period in excess of 40 years and during that time a large number of people have had an involvement one way or another in the development of the method. In some cases those who have made specific contributions have been acknowledged in earlier editions of the Manual and on the CDS website. Here we would like to acknowledge and thank all of those who contributed and supported us in our endeavours. They are:

Douglas D Smith and Joe Levey, who at the very early stages of the development of the method, generously gave their advice, support and assistance. As the method was developed invaluable technical assistance was contributed by a succession of scientists who worked in the Antibiotics Laboratory at the Prince of Wales Hospital and they included Rhonda Wood, Edwin Hong, Josette Lanzarone, Alex Jimenez, Dale Plowman, Melissa Hardy, Jackie Jupp, and Lindsey Burville. More recently contributions have been made by Michael Dimon, Kerry Varettas, Sue Mahrer, Andrea Simos, Alex Outhred, Dianne Rafferty and Andrew Bowman. We thank, also, the late John Tapsall, Monica Lahra and her team for their contribution to susceptibility testing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Joanna Cheng for her contribution to susceptibility testing of yeasts. We would also wish to acknowledge the contribution of Barrie Gatus who was a co-author of the earlier editions of this Manual and Greg Fisher who was responsible for much of the design of the CDS Website.  We would like to acknowledge Greg’s valuable contribution to this aspect of the CDS. Our sincere thanks also go to Ian Carter who left our team to take on the onerous task of Laboratory Manager of SEALS North Microbiology, despite this he continues to render valuable technical and administrative assistance to the CDS laboratory. Dr. Jeanette Pham, who has been the mainstay of the CDS for many years has retired from SEALS Microbiology, however all is not lost as Jeanette has agreed to stay on with the CDS team as Honorary Consultant. We acknowledge her contribution not only to the CDS but to Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing in this country and overseas. We also acknowledge the magnificent piece of work carried out by Ryan Pratama who reconfigured the web site in WordPress and relocated it to another server when it could no longer function from the UNSW server.

We also wish to acknowledge the valuable contribution made by Dr. Peter Newton who despite an enormous workload at Wollongong has made a significant contribution not only to the CDS Manual but to all other aspects of the CDS Test, including its application to the diagnostic laboratory .

Finally, we would like to thank all the CDS Users, too numerous to name, who have drawn our attention to those areas of susceptibility testing that needed to addressed.


Syd Bell

October 2016