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PREVIEW of QA (CDS Manual 9th Edition)



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Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Eighth Edition)
April 2018

Manual 7

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Seventh Edition)
December 2013

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Sixth Edition)
September 2011

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Fifth Edition)


Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Fourth Edition)

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(Third edition)


Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method
(Second edition)

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing By The CDS Method

(First edition)





The CDS Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Method : Fulfilling a Need.

Bell, Pham , Newton and Nguyen

Detection of carbapenemase enzymes in Enterobacteriaceae by the CDS.

A short article by S. M. Bell and J.J Pham.

Extracted from  Breakpoint 2013 – 5 with the kind permission of the editor Sharon Chen.


  Calibration of Doxycycline for use in urinary
            tract infections with enterococci.  Pathology 2012, 44(7) pp. 654

  Sydney Bell, Jeanette Pham, Jawad Saab, Thanh Nguyen


 Improved growth of VRE on Chrom VRE Agar by Incubation in 5% CO2

 Varuna Navaratne, Sydney Bell and Jeanette Pham

Performance of a Disposable Plastic Inoculating
Needle in the Preparation of the CDS Inoculum

Presentation at the ASM Annual Conference in Gold Coast, 2006.

Direct Sensitivity Testing of Urine Samples

 Presentation at the ASM Annual Conference in Canberra, 2005.

Evaluation of Direct Susceptibility Testing of Positive Broth Blood Cultures

Sue Mahrer, Porl Reinbott and Sydney Bell

Field trial of Testing Enterococci

 This is an interesting study of the performance by CDS users in susceptibility testing of enterococci to ampicillin and vancomycin.

Calibration of Cefoxitin and Staph. aureus

Presentation at ASM Annual Conference in Sydney, 2004

Bell, S.M., Gatus, B.J., Pham, J.N., Rafferty, D.L., & Dimon, M

Additions and Modifications

S. M Bell

A technical note entitled ‘Additions and Modifications to the Range of Antibiotics Tested by the CDS Method of Sensitivity Testing’, published by “Pathology” (1988, 20, 303‑304).

 Update of the CDS Sensitivity Test

 The Microbiology Clinical Update Program edited by Nerissa Lee published an Update of the CDS Sensitivity Test in 1984. In this publication we undertook a major revision of the test and extended the method to test those antibiotics which had been developed since the original modification was published.


Mechanisms of Ampicillin Resistance of H. influenzae isolated from the Respiratory Tract.

Bell and Plowman
First description of inherent resistance to Ampicilin of H. influenzae. Published in Lancet, Feb, 1980



The CDS Monograph

The CDS Monograph which was published as a Supplement by “Pathology” in 1975. The Monograph contains a basic description of the method and explains how each step of the procedure was developed and tested.


NL_34 Calibration of Co-trimoxazole, anaerobes and unusual organisms

NL_33 Calibration of Ceftaroline

NL_32 Disc Testing Nocardia

NL_31 Doxycycline and Enterococci

NL_30 New Faces

NL_29 N.gonorrhoeae update

NL_28 Fosfomycin, Timentin, Ticarcillin, Staph. Sp

NL_27 Enterococci & Tetracyclines

NL_26 Modifications of CDS Method in 2011

NL_25 Modifcation of CDS Method in 2010 (1)

NL_24 Modifcation of CDS Method in 2010 (2)

NL_23 CDS ASM 2010 Workshop Report

NL_22 Doripenem, Campylobacter and Tetracycline

NL_21 Metallo-ßlactamases

NL_20 Tigecycline, Fluroquinolones and Vet Labs

NL_19 Corrections CDS Manual 4th Ed.

NL_18 N/A

NL_17 CDS ASM 2005 Report

NL_16 N/A

NL_15 N/A


NL_13 Testing Staphylococci

NL_12 CDS ASM 2003 Report

NL_11 CDS ASM 2001 Report

NL_10 CDS ASM 2000 Report

NL_9  CDS ASM 1997 Report

NL_8 H. influenzae, Strep. pneumoniae, Change to tables

NL_7 CDS ASM 1995 Report

NL_6 CDS ASM 1993 Report

NL_5 CDS ASM 1992 Report

NL_4 Media Q A problems, table reformat

NL_3 CDS ASM 1991 Report

NL_2 CDS Method – major changes

NL_1 CDS Reference Laboratory


Teaching slides

Clindamycin  Testing Erythromycin against Staphs and Strepts

Cefoxitin       Testing Staph. aureus against Cefoxitin

MBL               Detection of MBL mediated resistance